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Our Expert Network is...



27 years. That’s the average amount of time a Hjelle Advisors consultant has spent preparing the world’s most innovative agbiotech and chemistry products for high-value market entry. They understand the fundamental product and decisions required for regulatory approval, and have deep experience in making critical product decisions, executing scientific studies and compiling dossiers to fast track regulatory and commercial success.



Our network has both wide geographic and cultural diversity and an array of complementing expertise. Our network operates in fifteen of the most valuable regulatory geographies and speaks ten languages. Expertise includes GM food regulations, animal feed, food ingredients, pesticides, fungicides and soil amendments, and an ability to work on a multitude of product types, from small molecule actives to gene editing to complex and integrated biotechnology crops. Our consultants typically bring decades of experience working alongside their native country’s regulatory agencies to clarify and refine products to country safety preferences and requirements.



Our consultants are corporate entrepreneurs. They understand how to bring products and companies to maturity, and are expert at developing talent internal to the client. As contractors, their involvement oscillates according to the client’s timeframes, ensuring that services are delivered on the client’s needs, not the consultant’s.

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